LOFTHOME can mastermind every aspect of residential design: all inclusive projects, featuring the ultra modern and the minimalist, to the grand style of the 60s.

The company refurbished around 50 classical residences in the heart of Budapest to date. The aim of the company is to rectify the chaotic situation, which emerged as a consequence of subdividing lots of classical flats in Budapest after the 2nd World War., LOFTHOME’s goal is to unify the separated "parts" and to bring the original, conceptionaly planned interiors back into life – in the spirit of the 21st century, according to the modern demands.

LOFTHOME's activities cover not only the furnishing of the flats but their long term utilisation as rental apartments. LOFTHOME only rents apartments which have been renovated by themselves. With its rental portfolio LOFTHOME is one of the key players int he high-end residential rental market in Budapest.